VW Campervan Cult Inspires VW Campervan Accessories

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VW Campervan accessories and gifts are guaranteed to provoke memories and nostalgia in everyone who sees or receives them – don’t we all hanker after that carefree way of life we had in our youth? And what about the opportunity to ‘pack up our troubles’ and travel where ever the whim takes us?

All of this is immortalised in the iconic VW campervan, a miniature house on wheels with everything to hand which simply appeals to the free spirit in all of us! The campervan evokes both adventure and nostalgia and whilst the lucky few actually manage to own one of these evocative vehicles, most can only hope – so satisfy their passion by collecting campervan gifts of all types in the firm belief that one day they too will climb aboard their own ‘Vdub’ and their fascination will come alive

One of the attractions of the VW apart from its iconic looks and rugged reliability, is the way that owners take the bus to their heart and into their family, and set about personalizing them through design and styling. Campervan accessories help customise these vans, for instance you can get camper shaped doormats and all sorts of key rings and key caps to distinguish those special keys! The appeal of the VW has given rise to an immense variety of retro vdub accessories which are the ideal gift for an enthusiast or simply someone who is looking for a piece of transport history.

These days you can fill your house (or camper!) kitchen with campervan accessories – serve up tea from a campervan teapot and drink from a campervan mug, whether its decorated in campervans or actually shaped like one! You can eat your dippy egg and soldiers on a campervan plate with a camper shaped egg cup having just put salt on it from a surfboard shaped salt cellar which fits on top of your egg cup! And all served up on a tray with campervan images all over! One of the most popular accessories is the Campervan Lamp, where the light shines out of the campers many windows, match this up with a pair of bookends and some stunning canvasses and create an amazing Interior!

The ultimate in campervan accessories has got to be the campervan tent – yes you can now go off on your camping holiday or to a festival not in a dull conventional tent but a hippy style, summer of love, campervan tent without having to invest in one of the highly sought after and often hard to find vehicles! A full size replica of a 1965 T1 Volkswagen with two double size interior rooms, so accurate is the tent that it is hard to tell it from a real camper!

An Ultimate Guide to Find the Value of RV Motor Homes

RV motor homes, campervan and travel trailer vehicle are just few of those several mini motor home types that are gaining so much popularity nowadays. They usually offer the same exact advantages that are present inside larger motor vehicles in a much lower charge. This makes them ideal to many people to use. The best thing about an RV motor homes is its capacity to allow you to drive it without requiring you to master any extra driving skills. This is good news to those who are just an average driver and wants to experience an RV long exciting drive. The price of each motor home may depend on how functional and efficient it is to use. If you go for a brand new choice, then expect a much higher charge than the second hand option.

Whether you buy or you sell your rv, learning its value can definitely benefit you in many ways. If you are up to buying a recreational vehicle that is fully functional and in good condition, you can expect many years of fun and happy travel and exploration. If selling a recreational vehicle is one of your plans this year, you can definitely use the paid cash for an all new vehicle to use again, this time more ideal and complete. Whatever reason you have in mind, both activities give you the chance to experience convenience without risking your finances. But are you aware on how to find the value of RV motor homes? Did it ever cross your mind? If you are interested to know, then here is a complete guide for your review.

1. Check valid sources of the standard RV motor home value.

There are actually two ways to check the value of your RV. They are two great sources that offer a list of the standard RV values basing on the percentage of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price – the NADA and the Kelly Blue Book. However, these sources do not present realistic RV value rate but its details are enough to give you an idea on how to calculate the value of your RV motor home. How to work for it? Enter the necessary information about the RV into the search function of these guides. Consider the following:

  • size of the vehicle
  • date of manufacture
  • accrued mileage
  • some important details on its interior

Secure this information as this will definitely give you the calculated value of your motor home.

2. Check the latest RV motor homes selling prices on the market.

Make sure that you are checking on the market the RVs that are on the same model, same size, and year of production with the one that you are planning to buy or planning to sell. Also make sure that it has the same interior design and amenities for a more accurate result. Failing to do this might give you the wrong price.

3. Go back to the two guides – NADA and Kelly Blue Book and compare values again.

This time compare the list of prices noted inside both guides to the evaluated prices you found during your market search. Consider again the following factors: the entire status of the RV, its gas consumption rate per mile, interior design and the available appliances. Adjust your charge if you are selling it. Based it on the specification stated on the book. Consider the condition of your RV motor home as one important factor in setting up price.

Modern Campers Vans – Short in Length, Long on Appeal

Beginning with its roots back in the Volkswagen camper, modern-day camper vans have undergone a revolution in design, ease-of-use, and levels of comfort while traveling. Always appealing to those who want to travel swift, light, and minimally, camper van’s continue to appeal to those who need to make a quick getaway in the smallest possible package.

Because one is riding inside of the van while traveling, the experience of touring in a van camper is likened to touring in a small motorhome. Though they may lack interior space compared to their larger brethren, camper van’s come into their own by virtue of their small footprint, allowing one to wander and camp at will almost anywhere you can drive. An additional added benefit of a van camper is that it can function as a second car. Though larger in size than the standard automobile, gas mileage is relatively good recognizing the fact that one is operating a full-blown mini motorhome.

Those who find themselves short on time yet would welcome the additional living features that a van camper would provide, find themselves drawn to the purchase of these coaches. The van appeals to many such as busy moms, families who like to get out on their precious weekends, the older traveling solo couple and many others. Though relatively small in size, these rigs function perfectly for quick and even longer trips, for those who don’t need to bring everything they own out on the open road.

In the not so distant past the V.W. van camper was undoubtedly one of the most popular camper vans on the road. Even today, a fanatical group of followers continue to restore and operate these historical gems. What these unique vehicles got right, with the ability to go camping spontaneously, and with relative comfort and convenience.

As years went by, and larger vans entered the market from the major manufacturers such as Ford and Dodge, recreational vehicle manufacturers took to them with vigor, producing full-blown mini motorhomes within the confines of a van footprint. By ingeniously adding full standup headroom by cutting off the roof and adding various fiberglass extensions, the ability to live out of these vehicles comfortably, rose dramatically. With the added room came the addition of everything that makes an RV appealing, such as bathrooms with showers, full kitchens, entertainment centers, and plenty of sleeping areas.

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