Brilliant Motorhome Organization Storage Ideas

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Summer is coming it’s time for holidays, breaks away and lazy weekends. Forget crowded airports, queues to check in and restrictions on the amounts of hair products you can take onboard that us girls absolutely NEED to take. Just forget it! I’ve found a much better way to have fun on holiday- take a motor home! It’s not a joke, gone are the days of basic fibre glass caravans with nothing but a Calor Gas stove and a few cheap wooden cupboards!! Now camping is cool, ‘all singing-all dancing’, adventurous and the most important thing is in the 21st century it is luxurious, you can even plug your hair dryer in – oh happy days!

Me and my husband have hired motor homes and travelled all over the UK we even travelled with two friends to Germany this year and what a ball we had!! It’s great for couples, groups and families and when everyone mucks in together the fun is endless, all you need is a fridge full of yummy food, a sleeping bag (don’t take a duvet it can turn into a nightmare making up a bed with sheets and duvets after 5 vodka and tonics) and a sense of adventure. That’s the main thing, the sense of adventure. Be prepared to go where the mood takes you, to little coastal hideaways, quaint hillside villages, country inns and woodland campsites. Go where the road takes you and you won’t be disappointed.

This is all possible because you are completely self-contained in a motor home, lock the door at night and you are transported into a cosy camping world without any droughts or scary sounds that seem to come with the territory when camping in a tent. In a motor home you have electricity for your lighting whether you are plugged into the mains facility on a campsite or you are running them off your leisure battery. Invest in a 12volt TV – just because you are in the wilds of Scotland you don’t have to miss Eastenders, and ignore anyone who says ‘why do people come away to watch TV?’ Trying to tweak the ariel to get a signal is all part of camping and it’s a tradition. So once you have lights and your TV you might fancy dinner, nice bottle of chilled wine by the side of a bubbling stream.

If you decided not to stop at that gorgeous little secluded inn with local draft ale and seasonal trout with citrus salad you can get the gas going on the burners in the motor home and get cooking! Pass the cork-screw! Everything is to hand!

You probably won’t believe how many young people are going motor homing now, they are gathering in campsites all over the country and having a great time. I’m an advocate of it, so if you are reading this and thinking about it I would say go and do it. There are so many brilliant places in the UK why spend all your time (and money) sitting on a plane with loads of other holiday makers doing same old, same old when you could be having a REAL adventure.

Caravan And Motorhome Campsites, What Makes The Perfect Site?

As I write this I am sitting in the awning of my ageing Eccles Amethyst caravan. It is the caravan that my wife and I bought in 2001 when we decided to live in the French Alps for a winter ski season. We never meant to become caravan enthusiasts, but here we are for the sixth time in our favourite camp site on the Costa del Azahar in Valencia, Spain. I am not going to reveal the exact name of this camp site as I do not want to spoil one of the many reasons why we love it here. If you do need to know, contact me at and I will tell you.


Well it certainly is not perfect, it is 0.5km to the nearest beach, but that is a pebble beach that my daughter does not really like, “too hard”, she says. The nearest sandy beach is 4km. There is the very scary N340 road right next to it with trucks thundering up and down all the time, but to be honest we do not really notice the noise, it is all hidden away from us. There are three excellent supermarkets within ‘spitting’ distance and there is a busy town just 4km away.

The camping pitches

There are lots of great size pitches (parcelas) each surrounded by hedges and palm trees, each pitch has 6A mains hook up and a small stone sink so that you do not have to carry any water from the water supply. The ground is level and covered with small stones. You can easily manoeuvre a caravan or motorhome into the pitches and you can specify sun or shade. If you do not have a caravan, you can rent one of the wooden chalets very cheaply too.

Toilets and washing facilities

There are two toilet and shower blocks. The toilets have seats and toilet paper, quite rare for a Spanish campsite. The showers are hot at all times of the day. The sinks all have mirrors and liquid soap. The cleaning lady seems to hover about all day keeping them immaculate.

The bar and restaurant

At the time of writing a pint of St Miguel costs 1.50EUR and you can have a slap up meal for 2 for just 30EUR, unbelievable! There is even a free wireless internet connection or if you do not have your own computer there are two PCs that are just available to use. Brilliant!

The swimming pool

A 25m pool and smaller baby pool is open from Easter until November, it is not heated, so can be cool sometimes, but is thoroughly refreshing when the sun is baking down.

The ambiance

Well, like any bargain priced European camp site, out of season it is full of retired folk from Britain, Belgium and Holland who are escaping the grey wet miserable weather at home to have a long rest in the sun. We have got to know people here who stay here for 8 months of the year and everyone is very chilled and laid back. It is never too busy and I have never complained about it being too quiet either.

The price

We have always found staying here to be cheaper than staying at home. At the time of writing (which is ‘low season’) a ‘parcela’ with 6A electricity for a caravan plus car or motorhome is 10.70EUR/per night if you stay for more than 8 days. No problem there, the first time we came here we booked for 3 nights, but stopped for 5 weeks!!

Oktoberfest Camping Accommodation

The draw of Munich’s most famous event is amazing, but in order to enjoy the party to the fullest it is best to plan ahead when thinking about Oktoberfest camping accommodation.

Getting your motorhome safely and of course, efficiently, parked for the autumn event means more time for the stein and less worrying about driving home.

For Bavarian beer is best enjoyed on foot, by all means drive there, but finding a campsite well ahead of time is something well worth thinking about, if you have to pay for a hotel room during the festival be prepared to pay somewhat over the odds. By taking a mobile hotel with you, you’ll be saving valuable money to spend on valuable beer, pigs’ knuckle, bratwurst and of course sauerkraut – all fine Bavarian dishes designed to keep you on an even keel, rather than keeling over.

From an event that began in 1810 to celebrate Crown Prince Ludwig’s, later to become King Ludwig I, marriage to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen, there are many places set aside for those who wish to arrive in a motorhome, as well as the expected six million people who visit the two week festival in October.

This many visitors obviously puts a lot of strain on the local infrastructure, so it does make sense to take your own, the road system is brilliant and the organizational skills seen here are impeccable, even so it pays to plan ahead.

In case you’re wondering some 70 hectorlitres of beer are consumed, half a million chickens and almost 150,000 pigs.

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